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    Provides committee meeting dates, agendas and minutes as well as committee membership.

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    Looking for answers? Get in touch.

  • Documents Reviewarrow

    Provides district staff the opportunity to review and comment on pending certification related documents.

  • Occupational Documentsarrow

    Appropriate Occupational Experience and Academic Preparation Documents (“occ docs”) provide appropriate job titles, duties and minimum academic requirements for instructors within the WTCS.

    You will be asked to provide your name, your email address, and your recommendations in the comment box.  Please provide specific suggestions for revising the document or indicate that no revision is necessary.  Feedback indicating that the document is still accurate and current is just as important as making a recommendation for change. 

    Please avoid using terms such as "Understand" or "Knowledge of" in Section II of the Appropriate Occupational Experience/Academic Preparation Document to describe job duties.  Instead, provide a specific job duty that represents a measureable performance standard in Section II, such as analyze, identify, install, select, cut, or weld.

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    Introduction to the WTCS educational personnel certification.

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    Get information on how to renew your certification, professional development, renewal policies and certification courses.

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    WTCS Certification relies on numerous resources for its administration.  Get information on the Administrative Code, WTCS Portal, manuals, Appropriate Occupational Experience and Academic Preparation Documents (“occ docs”), guidelines, and links to other Wisconsin agencies here.