Reviewed and/or Updated on: November 16, 2016

State Grant Descriptions

The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) invites technical colleges and other eligible agencies, where applicable, to apply for state funds to support projects during the program year.  State funds provide support for targeted programs within the technical colleges that have been identified by the Wisconsin Technical College System, the Legislature and the Governor as priorities for state support.

State Grant Funds

Funds under this category are available for the following purposes:

  • Apprentice-Related Instruction

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds for the development and maintenance of systemwide apprentice curricula and direct support for contractually-required apprentice-related instruction that cannot be provided through normal district budgeting processes.  These projects enable the WTCS to respond to cyclical industry demands, with current occupational curriculum, to provide a supply of skilled workers for rapidly-developing industries, and ensure the continuity of apprenticeship training during periods of temporary labor demand shortages.

  • Career Pathways

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds to create, expand and/or implement career pathways* – including providing instructional and supportive services for students in these pathways – to help students, who are engaged in a career pathway that is related to specific WTCS program(s) identified in the grant, achieve educational attainment and credentials which prepare for progression in a career.

* Career Pathways offer an efficient and customer-centered approach to training and education by successfully articulating the appropriate secondary, adult basic education, postsecondary education and training, career, and academic advising, and supportive services to enter and progress in a career. This term generally refers to a series of connected education and training strategies and support services that enable individuals to secure stackable industry relevant credentials and obtain employment within an occupational area and to advance to higher levels of future education and employment in that area.

  • Core Industry

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds to help ensure that WTCS already approved programs, in core industry areas, provide industry relevant education and training using rigorous curricula, current technology, and related services in System Board approved programs.  Grants may expand programming in core industry areas within the district.  Priority may be given to grant projects that reflect inter-district collaboration between Wisconsin Technical Colleges or that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of educational programming.

  • Developing Markets

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds to support programs new to the district that have received final program approval by the System Board at or before the January 2017 meeting.  These funds can be used for:  development of curriculum and related instructional materials, technology and software, the purchase of major/minor equipment; staff development; and the delivery of instruction.

  • Emergency Assistance

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds to offer emergency assistance grants to eligible Pell recipients who experience unforeseen financial emergencies.  The goal is to assist eligible students who are experiencing unplanned events that may affect their ability to stay in school.  [Eligible student means a student enrolled in a technical college whose expected family contribution, as defined in s.39.437 (3) (a), is less than $5,000.]

  • Professional Development

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds to support professional development activities and occupational competency training in the Wisconsin Technical College System.  Grants in this category will be awarded for professional development programs that promote the following:

  1. Instructor awareness of and expertise in a wide variety of newly emerging technologies
  2. Integration of learning technologies in curriculum and instruction
  3. Use of Instructional methods that involved emerging technologies
  • Student Support

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds to create, expand and/or implement innovative strategies through direct services to students enrolled in post-secondary courses, ABE/ELL as defined in Administrative Bulletin 12-04, and direct services that transition students through career pathways.  The goal is to support students, specifically those considered at-risk, which may include, but is not limited to, students with disabilities, students considered diverse, military service members, first generation, etc. through specific completion points - course completion, completion of subsequent semesters and completion of programs or Wisconsin Technical College System Pathway Certificates.

  • Workforce Advancement Training

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds to promote increased investment in the development of incumbent workers, improve Wisconsin businesses’ productivity and competitiveness, augment the state’s economic base, support career pathways and expand technical college training and technical assistance services to businesses and industry.  Grants will be awarded to upgrade the skills and productivity of employees of established businesses operating in Wisconsin, with the additional objective of supporting regional workforce and economic development efforts.  Training under these grants must focus on occupational skills but can include a combination of occupational, academic, and employability topics or courses.  Grants will also be awarded for market expansion or business diversification services to established Wisconsin businesses.

See Workforce Advancement Training tab to the left for more information.

  • Work-Based Learning Grants to Tribal Colleges

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awards funds for Work-Based Learning Grants to Tribal Colleges to provide occupational training and work-based learning experience to youths and adults at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College and the College of Menominee Nation.

  • Supporting Veterans' Success

The Wisconsin Technical College System Board awarded one-time funds in FY 2016-17 to create, expand and/or implement innovative methods that provide direct and collaborative student support programs or services to Veteran students.  The purpose of this grant is to provide targeted student support services to recruit, enroll, retain and graduate student veterans in high demand fields as identified by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.