Reviewed and/or Updated on: August 28, 2017

Faculty Quality Assurance System

Wisconsin State Statute and Administrative Code establish the minimum academic, occupational and teaching requirements for technical college education personnel. The Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) is an effort to ensure quality education by establishing minimum System-wide standards for Wisconsin’s 16 technical colleges.
The FQAS process begins with the hiring process, identifying for colleges the minimum academic and occupational requirements for faculty as established by accreditors and federal and state licensing requirements.
Each college maintains a Faculty Quality Assurance System through professional development plans that include approved educational competencies, ongoing development of occupational experience, mentoring and faculty evaluation.

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Certification/FQAS History

In early 2013, a Presidents Administrators Process Improvement committee was formed to identify strengths and opportunities within the existing Personnel Certification system and to make recommendations on improving the system.

The Wisconsin Technical College Systems' last revision of the Administrative Rule establishing the minimum academic, occupational and teaching requirements for district education personnel was in 1993.

The goal of the committee was to identify efficiencies for both the colleges and the System Office Staff while maintaining an effective, flexible, and easy to understand process that ensures that the System hires high quality faculty who will be supported with ongoing professional development to support learner success. The new system is an all-encompassing program that begins with position creation and works to continually develop faculty throughout their career with WTCS.

The proposed changes were reviewed by the Governor and the Joint Committee for the Review of Administrative Rules, and went into effect July 1, 2015.