Reviewed and/or Updated on: September 7, 2017

WTCS Student Success Center

 Student Success ... aligned, accelerated

The WTCS Student Success Center is a statewide organization that supports the efforts of the16 technical colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) as they develop student-centered pathways and increase student completion rates.
A college working to improve completion rates can end up with a sea of initiatives, programs, and reforms that affect every aspect of its operations. But these efforts can be fragmented and are typically available only to some students.
While small-scale efforts and individual initiatives may help a small number of students, they are not enough to have a significant impact on completion. Truly improving outcomes requires broad-scale, institution-wide change.
A Student Success Center creates a guiding framework within which colleges can align, integrate and evaluate their work supporting student success. This approach, grounded in developing student-centered pathways, focuses on broad-scale change that affects the daily experience of every student.
Through the work of the WTCS Student Success Center, technical colleges throughout Wisconsin can learn from – and build on – outstanding work at peer institutions. The colleges have access to shared resources, opportunities to learn from one another, and support to scale proven practices. The Center, part of a national network, fosters connections between colleges across the state so they can collectively meet completion goals.
The primary objectives of the WTCS Student Success Center include:
  • refining its data infrastructure and dissemination to best drive student-focused, data-based decisions;
  • establishing a community of practice to broaden and accelerate the use of proven, high-impact student success strategies;
  • aligning state and national completion initiatives; and
  • leveraging the knowledge and experience available through the JFF Student Success Center Network.
The WTCS Student Success Center is funded with generous support from Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates.
Technical assistance is provided by Jobs for the Future.