Reviewed and/or Updated on: May 8, 2019

Types of Data

Report Groups - Each output topic is assigned a “user” or “confidential” permission label.  The “user” group is not able to view confidential or sensitive information such as personally identifiable information.  The “confidential” group may view confidential or sensitive information ONLY for the same districts that the user belongs to.

Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFL) - This system contains information related to adult education and family literacy.

Client Reporting - The Client Reporting System contains the following: information about the students who are enrolled in WTCS courses and programs; information about individuals (clients) served through federally- and state-funded grant programs; veterans information; and, basic education testing data.  

Contracting - The Contract Reporting System contains demographic, course, revenue, and FTE information, along with student counts for all WTCS contracts for services activities authorized under s. 38.14(3), and s. 38.14(12), Wis. Stats.  This system also contains information about the service recipients.

Employer Follow-Up - The Employer Follow-Up Information System contains the results of the Employer Follow-Up Survey.  This survey is conducted by the 16 technical colleges once ever four years.  Participants in this survey are employers who were identified through the Graduate Follow-Up Survey.

Fire Service - The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) is the designated fire service education and training delivery mechanism for the more than 870 fire departments in the state. The WTCS has 16 technical college districts with 47 campuses throughout the state. Each WTCS district has a cadre of highly qualified, certified fire service instructors. All 16 districts offer approved fire service training courses.

Graduate Follow-up - The Graduate Follow-Up Information System compiles the results of the annual Graduate Follow-Up Survey conducted by the 16 districts approximately six months after graduation from Wisconsin’s Technical Colleges.

Instructional Information - The WTCS Course Approval System allows technical colleges to submit transactions to the WTC System Office to approve, change or delete courses. The Course Approval System is closely tied with the Program Curriculum System for those courses which are part of an educational program. Courses that are not in a program (community service, etc.) are not affected by the Program Curriculum System.

Longitudinal Follow-Up - The Longitudinal Follow-Up System compiles the results of the Longitudinal Follow-Up Survey.  This survey is a five-year follow-up survey of WTCS graduates, and is conducted by the 16 technical colleges once every four years. .

Perkins - The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 placed an increased focus on: academic achievement of career and technical education students; connections between secondary and postsecondary education; and, state and local accountability.

Quality Review Process (QRP) - The QRP is an evaluation process designed to assess WTCS educational activities.  The QRP includes the QRP Data System (QRPDS), which is a computerized data collection system.  

Staff Accounting - The Staff Accounting System houses data on staff remuneration, contracted services, and fringe benefits. Colleges have the option of reporting course-related remuneration, fringe benefits, and hours in one of two modes: detailed or aggregate.

UFFAS - Contains district financial information, including assets, liabilities, equity, revenues and expenditures.  Data is summarized at the account level and does not include individual transaction detail.

User Database (Online Analytical Processing [OLAP] Cubes) – This database provides access to the OLAP cubes.  A limited number of users are required to have the Cisco VPN client and Excel 2007 or later to use this tool.

Veterans – The Veterans System houses information about students covered by the Wisconsin G.I. Bill or the Federal Post 9/11 Program.

File Submission Groups  - Colleges will select a group from the following list when submitting files to the system office:

  • Apprenticeship Completer
  • Client Reporting
  • Contracting
  • Course Approval
  • Curriculum Approval
  • Employer Follow-Up
  • Graduate Follow-Up
  • Longitudinal Follow-Up
  • Staff Accounting