Apprenticeship Curriculum Standards

The WTCS supports development of systemwide Apprenticeship Curriculum Standards (ACS) that document the related instruction and DWD-BAS administrative authority requirements for apprenticeship programs when related instruction is offered at more than one WTCS college. ACS are available for approximately 95% of approved apprenticeship programs offered through the WTCS. Creation of new systemwide Apprenticeship Curriculum Standards is integrated into the new program development process.   

Examples of uses of Apprenticeship Curriculum Standards include:

  • for review and approval of related instruction by the BAS-administered State Apprenticeship Trade Committees or other industry advisory committees or sponsors
  • to promote and convey what is learned in the classroom to current and potential future apprentice sponsors
  • to ensure consistency of related instruction for a program offered at multiple colleges
  • on a five-year cycle basis, to review systemwide curriculum to ensure documentation of learning is up to date
  • to serve as foundation for development of competency-level crosswalks to align apprenticeship courses with WTCS technical diploma and associate degree course equivalents
  • to evaluate credit-for-prior learning against mapped competencies

Apprenticeship Curriculum Standards include the following information: 

  • WTCS Program Title, Number, and CIP 
  • Occupational description, job titles, external requirements, accreditation information, and program entry requirements  
  • DWD-BAS Administrative Authority – Exhibit A Training Standards 
  • Program Outcomes, program configuration and course sequencing models 
  • A Course Outcome Summary for each course, including:
    • Course title, description, assigned credit/hour values, instructional modalities, pre-requisites 
    • Course competencies, learning objectives, and assessment criteria 
  • Creative Commons or other attributions for ACS developed or revised through public grant funds

Approved WTCS Curriculum Model Standards