Preparing to Teach Transition to Trainer (PT2TT2T)

In 2020, the apprenticeship Transition to Trainer (T2T) course was revised by a team of private and public apprenticeship stakeholders to include new instructional content and delivery modalities. The goal was to enhance the engagement and experience of new audiences as apprenticeship training expands to new industries and a more diverse workforce.

The WTCS and Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards likewise developed new administrative criteria and processes that define eligibility and training requirements for teachers of the Transition to Trainer (T2T) course.  All current, active T2T instructors must complete a 3-hour “Preparing to Teach Transition to Trainer”(abridged) refresher course by the end of calendar year 2021.

Instructor Eligibility Criteria & Training Requirements and Resources:

Instructional Materials for Teachers of Transition to Trainer (T2T) Course #47-455-455