WTCS Learning & Teaching Labs

Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom Webinar Series

The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) is excited to share the 2022 Learning & Teaching Labs webinar series focused on Equity & Inclusion in the Classroom.  This five-week series will include keynote speakers, presentations from WTCS faculty and staff, and “Learning Labs”, an opportunity for facilitated discussions, college collaboration, and integrating strategies into practice.

For questions regarding the webinar series, please contact Mandy Johnson ( This webinar series is hosted by WTCS Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS).

Friday, April 1 – Building an Inclusive College Culture

Evidence of Excellence is the focus of the keynote presentation by Dr. Ken Coopwood (Dr. Coop), national speaker from Coop Di Leu. The presentation addresses WHY the WTCS Learning & Teaching Labs series is needed and the contexts in which faculty should demonstrate excellence in student learning, documents, reciprocity, and pedagogy. Dr. Coop will kick off the series by sharing his experiences with transformative diversity leadership and working across systems to launch the next paradigm in education for 21st-century diversity professionals.
This session will spotlight the work of Western Technical College, sharing how they are framing Educational Justice, including culturally responsive teaching with a focus on trauma and poverty informed practices.  Also presenting is Milwaukee Area Technical College, sharing their equity audit and how it’s being used to collect input to design an inclusive college culture and impacts teaching and learning.

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ken Coopwood (Chief Executive Officer, Coop Di Leu, LLC)
Dr. Ken D. Coopwood is a national Diversity Educator, writer, and leader. “Dr. Coop”, as he is affectionately called by students and colleagues, is the CEO of Coop Di Leu, the acronym for Coopwood Diversity Leadership and Education Universal.
Learn more about Dr. Coopwood and Coop Di Leu

Building an Inclusive College Culture (session recording)
Dr. Ken Coopwood’s Keynote Presentation
Western Technical College – Education Justice
Milwaukee Area Technical College – Scan, Plan, Act – MATC Equity Audit

Awareness of Implicit Biases, Yale University
Addressing microaggressions in the classroom, University of Washington
Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, Gloria Ladson-Billings
Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research, and Practice, Geneva Gay
Open for Anti-Racism, Dr. Kim Grewe & Joy Shoemate, Canvas Commons

Friday, April 8: Creating Inclusive Syllabi

This session will focus on aspects of creating inclusive syllabi, including the neuroscience of learning. Marco Torrez-Miranda from Madison College will share his expertise around the neuroscience of learning.
Madison College and Gateway Technical College will share how they are supporting faculty to revise syllabi, including highlights and challenges to date, recommendations for colleges beginning this work as well as next steps.
Participants have the opportunity to bring a syllabus and join facilitated “learning labs” to review syllabi and create enhancements.

Creating Inclusive Syllabi (session recording)
Neuroscience of Learning – Marco Torrez-Miranda
Inclusive Syllabi – Madison College
Inclusive & Equitable Syllabi – Gateway Technical College

Enhancing Adult Motivation to Learn
Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain
Creating Inclusive Syllabi – University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Equity-Minded Inquiry Series: Syllabus Review – Center for Urban Education
FQAS DEI Syllabus – Gateway Technical College
10 Day Accessibility Challenge – Jessica Gleason & Dr. Meg Hunter
Caring for Students Playbook – Every Learner Everywhere

Thursday, April 14: Strategies for Building Culturally Inclusive Learning Activities

This session will discuss tools and resources to build inclusive learning activities. Dr. Emily Stuckenbruck, Executive Dean of Academic Excellence/School of Learning Technologies at Northcentral Technical College, will provide background and framing around NTC’s work and share their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Curriculum Rubric.
Northcentral Technical College will share how they are working on building culturally inclusive learning activities, including highlights and challenges to date, recommendations for colleges beginning this work, as well as next steps.  Moraine Park Technical College will share how they support students to reflect on their own uniqueness and the uniqueness of others by creating more awareness of diverse cultures, people, life circumstances and community issues. Participants have the opportunity to bring a course activity and join facilitated “learning labs” to review the activity and create enhancements.

Building Culturally Inclusive Learning Activities (session recording)
Assessing the Curriculum for DEI – Northcentral Technical College
Diversity in the Class Curriculum – Moraine Park Technical College

NTC’s Equity Rubric – Northcentral Technical College
Increasing Inclusivity in the Classroom – Vanderbilt University
Inclusive Teaching & Learning – Colorado Department of Higher Education
BELE Framework for Equitable Learning Environments – Jasmin Lee
Creating Inclusive Spaces – Wisconsin Technical College System
Operationalizing Equity, Social Justice & Inclusion to Transform Teaching & Learning – Achieving The Dream webinar


Friday, April 22: Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the Classroom

Quality course design is an influencing factor in student success, and includes meaningful and connected course content that supports access for all. This session will include a panel of three colleges, each sharing specific ways their college has engaged UDL in the classroom.
Madison College will share they how partnered with Landmark to build more support for UDL across content areas, as well as lessons learned, next steps and Tip Sheets (case studies) that were created for faculty. Blackhawk will share how they developed meaningful and connected course content to meet accreditation requirements.  Northeast will share how the college applies the UDL framework in their classrooms.
Participants have the opportunity to bring a course activity or teaching plan and join facilitated “learning labs” to review the activity and create enhancements.

Implementing Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the Classroom (session recording)
Universal Design for Learning at NWTC – Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
The UDL Journey at Madison College – Madison College
Executive Functioning – Blackhawk Technical College

Ultimate List of Graphic Organizers – Amanda Athuraliya
Executive Functioning Worksheet –
Breathing for a Calm Brain – Elizabeth Priller


Friday, April 29: Equitable Assessments & Grading

The last session in our series will focus on understanding the importance and impact of equitable grading. In this keynote address, Dr. Colleen McCabe, Provost and Vice President of the Wisconsin Technical College System, will share how equitable grading and assessment strategies are evolving. She will explore how historical one-size-fits-all grading and assessment strategies are advancing, leading to deeper student engagement in learning.  Dr. McCabe will address how changes in the classroom must not only honor the learner, but also honor the identity and core educational values of faculty.

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Colleen McCabe (Provost & Vice President, Wisconsin Technical College System Office)
Dr. Colleen McCabe serves as the Provost and Vice President for the Wisconsin Technical College System. In this role, she provides leadership and administrative oversight for the development and delivery of technical college educational programs, student services and assessment, economic development and adult education. Prior to this position, she served for 14 years as a K-12 educator, and most recently served as a professor and the department chair of Health and Human Performance at UW-Platteville. At UW-Platteville, her duties for the included teaching, directing the development, implementation, and assessment of three programs, and the professional development and evaluation of department faculty and staff. Over her 17 years at UW-P, she also served UW-Platteville as the Assistant Director of Teacher Education for 3 years.  In all, Colleen has over 35 years of experience in education including 18 years in leadership within higher education.

Equitable Grading & Assessments (session recording)
Equitable Grading – Dr. Colleen McCabe
Equitable Grading Practices at FVTC – Fox Valley Technical College

Grading for Equity Thinksheet – Dr. Colleen McCabe, Wisconsin Technical College System
Repair Kit for Grading – Ken O’Connor
Equitable Grading Padlet – WTCS collaboration
Samples of Equitable Assessment Practices – Fox Valley Technical College
Sample PPT template for Critical Thinking Course – Fox Valley Technical College