Reviewed and/or Updated on: June 27, 2019

Fire/Medic Associate Degree Programs

Chippewa Valley Technical College

The Fire/Medic Associate Degree Program prepares students for an occupation in the fire service and paramedic arenas. Courses focus on thoroughly preparing a firefighter/paramedic for entry onto a full-time fire department or other emergency response organization in the public or private sector. After completing this program, the students are prepared to challenge the National Registry for EMT-Paramedic exam. The students will be prepared as a firefighter and fire apparatus driver operator. Fire Medic students are prepared to respond to the diverse incidents of today's emergency service. The program will include special courses in water, confined space, trench, high angle, and vehicle extrication rescue. 

Gateway Technical College

Fire Medic graduates take their initial firefighter and EMT training to the next level through a performance-based advanced firefighter training program. Students are able to complete five advanced firefighting tactics, apply health & wellness principles to their own professional lives, earn a valid candidate physical ability test (CPAT) certificate and earn a paramedic license. Requisite building construction, fire behavior, fire protection systems, fire department risk management and soft skills are stressed, along with life-long learning and living habits to become safe and effective professional Fire Medic providers. This program may be completed in two years of study if taken full-time.

Lakeshore Technical College

Fire Medics protect life and property through fire suppression, rescue, fire prevention, and highly developed emergency medical treatment capabilities. Students learn modern firefighting techniques and paramedic skills necessary to make them successful in the dynamic emergency services environment. If you work well with others, enjoy working in a team environment, have strong critical decision making skills and a commitment to safety, a career as a fire medic may be your path to success.

Northcentral Technical College

Our Fire Medic degree prepares learners for an occupation in Fire and Emergency Medical Services. The courses focus on preparing a learner for entry-level employment as a firefighter/paramedic within a full-time municipal department, hospital or private ambulance service. Fire Medic learners will train to respond to today's emergencies with extreme confidence. After completing this program, learners are prepared to take the National Registry for Paramedic Exam. In addition, they will be able to take the State of Wisconsin Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 exams.

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

The graduate of the Fire Medic AAS degree program is cross-trained in fire protection/fire suppression and emergency medical services (EMS) at the advanced life support (ALS)/paramedic level. The Fire Medic is assigned primarily to fire-based EMS agencies (airport public safety departments, industrial fire/safety teams, rural/volunteer or urban/career fire departments). The Fire Medic is trained to respond to out-of-hospital medical/trauma emergencies, fire or HAZMAT emergencies, mass casualty incidents and/or special rescue operations in a community served by a full-time fire department.

Waukesha County Technical College

In the Fire Medic program, graduates acquire training in the paramedic discipline and build a solid foundation for safe and effective firefighting. Students develop skills in emergency medical response at the paramedic technician level; learn about fire behavior, building construction and firefighter safety and survival; and develop critical thinking skills for effective emergency response. Entry level requirements are that students have current licensure as an EMT (or higher) and have Wisconsin State Firefighter I Certification. At the completion of their paramedic training, graduates are qualified to complete the National Registry for Paramedics to earn their State of Wisconsin Paramedic license. Credit for prior learning opportunities exist for students.