Reviewed and/or Updated on: September 17, 2018

Fire Protection Technician Associate Degree Programs

Blackhawk Technical College

The Fire Protection Technician Program at Blackhawk Technical College (BTC) offers individuals exciting careers in fire protection, fire prevention and fire engineering. The field of Fire Science is concerned with the preservation of life and property from fire and related hazards. Potential jobs for graduates include municipal, military or government fire fighter; fire protection technician; fire inspector; and, fire fighting equipment specialist-sales.

Fox Valley Technical College

The Fire Protection Technician Program at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) provides graduates a variety of employment options in the fire protection field. While graduates mainly gain entry-level jobs with municipal fire departments, many find employment with insurance companies, fire protection equipment companies, fire protection systems companies, and state or federal fire protection agencies. This program is also shared with several other WTCS colleges through a combination of conventional classroom and distance education methodologies. 

Madison Area Technical College

The Fire Protection Technician Program at Madison Area Technical College (MATC-Madison) is designed to address the constant changes that are creating a demand for college-trained people in the fire service. Opportunities for graduates exist with municipal fire departments, insurance and government agencies and in the field of industrial safety. The program meets the needs of those preparing for employment as well as those of personnel currently employed in fire service positions.

Mid-State Technical College

The Fire Protection Technician program prepares graduates for a career in fire prevention and protection. Students will learn to apply proper principles in solving fire, hazardous materials, and emergency medical problems of the 21st Century. Through a combination of realistic classroom simulation, hands-on experience at fire training facilities, and an internship at a fire department the learner will gain foundational knowledge and techniques to save lives and property in a complex and ever-evolving public safety environment.  

Milwaukee Area Technical College

The Fire Protection Technician Program at Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC-Milwaukee) prepares students for employment as Firefighters, EMTs, and Fire Inspectors on municipal fire departments, and for fire protection related careers within private industry. The objectives of the program include instructing qualified high school graduates who are seeking a career in the fire service and also updating firefighters and fire officers on changes within the fire service. Students have the opportunity to earn Firefighter Level I, Firefighter Level II, and Fire Inspector I state certifications as well as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-Basic) license while in the program. Other Wisconsin State Fire Certifications offered at MATC-Milwaukee include Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations, Driver Operator Pumper, Driver Operator Aerial, Emergency Service Instructor, Fire Officer I & II, & Incident Safety Officer.

Waukesha County Technical College

The Fire Protection Technician program at Waukesha County Technical College helps prepare graduates for employment as a firefighter, fire inspector, code enforcement officer/specialist, plan reviewer or for jobs in fire service equipment sales. Obtaining a full-time firefighting job can be competitive, and an associate degree in a fire-service related field is becoming a minimum standard in hiring new firefighters. Students have an opportunity to learn from experienced firefighters and through the coursework, students earn their Firefighter I Certification, Fire Inspector I, Hazmat Operations Certification and EMT-Basic license. Students also have the option to participate in an internship to gain experience in the fire service and credit for prior learning opportunities are available to students. All curriculum in this program is aligned with the National Fire Academy’s (NFA) Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) model and students receive certificates from the NFA for the majority of their technical courses.

Western Technical College

Western Technical College offers a two year Associate’s Degree as a Fire Protection Technician and a wide variety of non-degree courses for the Fire Service. Beginning with basic, entry-level firefighting skills and continuing through professional development courses for the fire officer corps, Western provides all-aspect training resources to our district. Hands-on fire training is conducted at our Sparta Campus, off campus with our local partners, or at two local live-fire burn towers and a Class "B" Burn Pit. Western’s Sparta campus is unique in that it has 168 acres of available training space. Here we are able to offer customized or standard emergency services training such as drivers training, technical rescue, water rescue and hazmat, wildland search and rescue, as well as large scale multi-jurisdictional and multi-discipline training for responders and command personnel.