Reviewed and/or Updated on: May 1, 2018

WTCS Fire Service Advisory Committee on Education and Training

Mission Statement
The mission of the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Fire Service Advisory Committee is to provide recommendations, feedback, and support to the WTCS Fire Service Training Program with regard to the relevance and currency of its education, training, testing, and certification delivery.

Committee Membership

• Jack Running, Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs Association (Volunteer)
• Angela White, Fire Service Education Director, Wisconsin Technical College System Office

Committee Members:
•  Jim Austad, Wisconsin Society of Emergency Services Instructors 
•  Timothy Bantes, WI State Fire Chiefs Association (Combination) 
•  Tracy Burrus, Madison Fire Department 
•  Mike DeGarmo, Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin 
•  Timothy Haas, Wisconsin Emergency Management
•  Christopher Snyder, Milwaukee Fire Department 
•  Jeffrey Halvorsen, Wisconsin State Firefighters Association 
•  Brian Bending, Wisconsin Fire Inspectors Association 
•  Mike Romas, WI State Fire Chiefs Association (Career) 
• Thomas Vandenack, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (Technical Colleges)



WTCS Fire Service Advisory Committee on Education and Training Bylaws are available in pdf file format under resources.



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