Reviewed and/or Updated on: January 24, 2019

Entry Level Fire Fighter Parts A and B

Entry-Level Fire Fighter Part A (30-hour course) and Entry-Level Fire Fighter Part B (additional 30-hour course) introduces the participant to the basic knowledge and skills necessary to perform fire fighting functions under direct supervision. If an Entry-Level Fire Fighter wishes to proceed towards certification to the Firefighter I level, they must complete the additional 36-hour Fire Fighter Certification Part C, and successfully complete the Certification written and practical examinations.

The targeted audience for these courses is individuals new to the firefighting field who do not wish to complete the 96-hour Fire Fighter I Certification course.  Future certification can be completed as described above.

These courses, when taken in sequential order, are designed to provide the Entry Level Fire Fighter candidate with the information needed to comply with the minimum fire fighter training requirements as specified in SPS 330.08, Minimum Training and Educational Standards, Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, Chapter SPS 330, Fire Department Safety and Health Standards. Course curriculum is based on the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) Essentials of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations (Brady), 6th Edition and Jones & Bartlett, Fundamentals of Fire Fighter Skills, 3rd Edition.