COVID-19 Exceptions

RE: COVID-19 Certification and Recertification Timelines

Two-Year Certification Period

Students who finish/finished a fire certification course between 3/15/2018 and 12/31/2020 will have one additional year to obtain their certification. The three-year certification term expires three years from each student’s course completion date.

  • Example:  Student Jones finishes their Firefighter I course on 6/5/2019.  Student Jones now has until 6/5/2022 to complete the certification process.

Emergency Services Instructor Renewal

Students who have an Emergency Services Instructor certification that expired between 3/15/2020 and 12/31/2020 will have one additional year to obtain their renewal. The one-year extension begins the date of their current expiration.

  • Example: Student Fox has an ESI certification with an expiration date of 7/1/2020. Student Fox now has until 7/1/2021 to renew their certification.

Extension Timeline

As of the date of this release, August 19, 2020, it is uncertain if there will be an expansion of this temporary extension policy. Please follow the WTCS Fire Service website for all further details, updates and deadlines.

You may contact me directly with questions.

Angela White
Education Director – Fire Service Training
Wisconsin Technical College System Office