Reviewed and/or Updated on: October 3, 2018

Letter of Equivalency

The Wisconsin Fire Service Education Office (FSEO) recognizes the achievements and training of candidates to assist them in moving forward in their professional development.  The FSEO provides the opportunity for members of the Wisconsin Fire Service to obtain a letter of equivalency in order to fulfill the prerequisite of a subsequent level of certification.  Additionally, a letter of equivalency may be requested to satisfy hiring and/or promotional processes.

An individual who, due to significant length of service, experience, and/or training/education, feels that they are qualified in the current JPR’s of a particular certification level may apply for a letter of equivalency from the FSEO. In order to give consideration of awarding a Letter of Equivalency based on the policy in the WTCS Policy and Procedures Manual, benchmarks/requirements have been implemented which the review committee will use to make their determination. 

Eligibility, Submission, and Review Process


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