Reviewed and/or Updated on: May 9, 2018

WTCS Fire Service Education and Training Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to receive my certificate after the testing process?

Certificates are processed in the order they are received. Generally you can expect to receive your certificate within 30 days. During high volume times (e.g., December, January, February, May and June) it may take up to 60 days. When completed, certificates are then mailed to the Technical College and forwarded to you or your Fire Department (based on the technical college standard procedure).

How do I get a copy of my certificate?

Send a request specifying which certifications you are requesting, your name at time of certificate issue, and a return mailing address (a daytime telephone number or e-mail address is helpful if we have any questions pertaining to your certification) to Ms. Denise Perkins at or mail your request to WTCS, 4622 University Ave, PO Box 7874, Madison, WI 53707-7874. 

Is Reciprocity awarded for out-of-state certification?

IFSAC and PRO-Board accredited certificates are awarded automatic reciprocity. Copies of your certificates (with legible certificate numbers) can be e-mailed, to Ms. Denise Perkins at or faxed to 608-266-1690 Attn: Fire Training, or mailed to the address listed above. Please include your mailing address and date of birth. Reciprocal certificates will be issued only to the highest level of certification documented and only for certifications we are currently awarding. Emergency Services Instructor reciprocity shall only be granted to individuals who have obtained certification or recertification within the prior five years.

Can certification be issued if out-of-state certificates are not accredited?

Advanced standing may be granted if documentation is provided demonstrating training to the current standard for the certifications(s) being requested. This must be submitted to the local technical college fire coordinator or the WTCS Fire Education and Training Director. This may qualify an applicant for a one time reciprocity challenge of the written and practical exams for the certification(s) being requested. All reciprocity challenges must begin at the lowest pre-requisite level and testing must be successfully completed sequentially to the certification level requested.

How is Emergency Services Instructor I certification renewed?

Documentation of 240 hours of instruction over the 5-year certification period must be submitted to the local technical college fire coordinator prior to the fifth year certification renewal date.

What needs to be done if a Emergency Services Instructor I certification is not renewed before the fifth year certification renewal date?

1)  If an Emergency Services Instructor certification expires by up to 2 years, the Emergency Services Instructor must retake and pass the Emergency Services Instructor I Certification written examination and provide the documentation to satisfy the Certificate Renewal requirement in the Program Policy and Procedures Manual (240 hours over a 5-year period). If the individual is unable to pass the written examination after one (1) attempt, that individual will be required to follow Step 2.

2) If an Emergency Services Instructor Certification expires by more than 2 years or the individual fails the written examination required in Step 1, the individual must retake the Emergency Services Instructor I Course and; Pass the written and practical requirements.

Recertification documentation shall be submitted to the local WTCS District Fire Coordinator for verification of recertification compliance. The District Fire Coordinator shall then forward the State Summary Form to the WTCS FST Fire Education Director.