Reviewed and/or Updated on: May 8, 2019

Education Director: Katie Roberts

Education and Training

The Early Childhood Education (ECE) program prepares students to work as teacher-caregivers in early childhood settings. It combines hands-on fieldwork in area centers with related academic work at the college. Graduates become responsible for the care and education of children in the birth-to-eight-years age range. They create and maintain safe and healthy play environments, guide behavior, plan and implement learning activities, and work cooperatively with staff and parents.

The Foundations of Teacher Education (formerly Instructional Assistant) program is an Associate of Applied Science Degree, which prepares qualified individuals to work directly with students under the supervision of a licensed teacher. The duties include assisting children with math, science, reading, and writing assignments as well as handling classroom management, clerical and other tasks related to instruction. This program meets Title I requirements.  Duties may also include monitoring student activities, assisting with reading, correcting papers, tutoring, one-on-one activities and small group facilitation. In addition, instructional assistants work on classroom displays, assist children with computers and media, and supervise various classroom and other school events. Instructional Assistants may be hired to provide instructional services to students from Pre-kindergarten through high school; however, the focus of this program is on preparing graduates to work primarily in elementary and middle level schools.

Sign Language Interpreting in Education program prepares individuals to be the communication link between deaf or hard of hearing students and the classroom teacher. They use signs and oral interpreting techniques and strategies for language and reading development. Interpreters are members of the deaf education team at the school and may provide tutoring and note-taking services. The program involves classroom, laboratory, and internship experiences.

Human Services

Counseling and Mental Health Services: Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (AODA)

Personal Care Services: Cosmetology; Aesthetician; Barber; Funeral Service

Family and Community Services: Human Services; Language Interpreter for Health Services; Disability Support

Hospitality and Tourism

Restaurants and Food/Beverage Services: Culinary Arts, Management or Production; Food Service or Production; Baking and Pastry Arts, Management or Production; Food and Beverage Management

Lodging: Hotel and Hospitality Management

Travel and Tourism:  Meeting and Event Management; Special Event Management

Recreation, Amusements, and Attractions: Golf Course Management; Recreation Management