Reviewed and/or Updated on: November 9, 2017

Technical Skills Attainment

Technical Skill Attainment (TSA) is an initiative adopted by the system which originated in the Carl Perkins IV legislation. The System Office's role is to manage this initiative and support the implementation of assessments for over 349 programs. WTCS programs will assess the attainment of program outcomes to ensure graduates have the technical skills needed by employers. The assessments are collaboratively developed by instructors within the WTCS, industry stakeholders and WIDS. This initiative is supported by employers, approved by the System Office and implemented by districts. They meet state criteria including validity, reliability, and fairness.

Programs with approved Phase I and/or Phase II’s can be found in the WTCS Portal, which can be accessed from here by scrolling down to “Links for Districts” and click on the “Link to WTCS Portal.” Once inside the Portal, go to “Instructional Reports-All Active Programs,” and generate report PGM300 (VE701300).

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