Employee of Color Mentoring Program

Are you looking to connect with other WTCS employees of color? Do you have experience and skills to share with the next generation of leaders? Consider engaging with the WTCS Employees of Color Mentoring Program as a mentor or a mentee.



  1. Watch the program introduction video
  2. Add your name to the next available line on the EOC mentoring program sign-up sheet
  3. Wait for an interested mentee to contact you
  4. Update the mentor sign-up sheet with your current availability and mentee information

Note: A mentor orientation will be held June 1st (3:00pm-4:30pm) and in August 2021.


  1. Watch the program introduction video
  2. Review the EOC mentoring program sign-up sheet for mentor information and availability
  3. Use the contact information given on the sign-up sheet to contact an available mentor you would like to work with
  4. Sign up on the mentee contact form to stay connected with the EOC Mentoring Program network

Both mentors and mentees are encouraged to review each of the resources below and go through them in your first meeting.


  1. EOC Mentoring Program Flyer
  2. EOC Mentoring Partnership Agreement
  3. EOC Mentoring FAQ
  4. EOC Mentoring Discussion Questions

Contact Lisa Guerrero (guerreroe@gtc.edu) or Janay Alston (alstonjs@matc.edu) with questions about this program.