Reviewed and/or Updated on: April 20, 2020

General College, Developmental, and Remedial

The WTCS provides a variety of types of preparatory academic instruction that can help students enter and succeed in postsecondary instruction.  The three types below are typically for students who are seeking to enter (or who have entered) a postsecondary program, and generally cover content at the late high-school or early college level.  Students with more significant needs should be served through Adult Basic Education.  

General College courses are systemwide courses which are designed to provide specific “brush-up” academic content to prepare students for success in targeted General Education courses.  These General College courses are Aid Code 10 credit courses, financially aidable but do not count as credits toward an Associate degree. 
Instructional Area 831 - Communication Skills
  • Intro to College Writing (3 credits) - 10-831-103

Instructional Area 834 - Mathematics

  • Pre-Algebra (3 credits) - 10-834-109
  • Elementary Algebra with Applications (3 credits) - 10-834-110 

Instructional Area 835 - College Success

  • Study Skills (1 credit) - 10-835-103
  • College Success (2 credits) - 10-835-104
  • College Success and Study Skills (3 credits) - 10-835-105

Instructional Area 836 - Natural Science

  • Prep for Basic Biology (2 credits) - 10-836-113
  • Prep for Basic Chemistry (2 credits) - 10-836-133
  • Prep for Anatomy & Physiology (2 credits) - 10-836-123
Instructional Area 838 - Reading 
  • Intro to College Reading (2 credits) - 10-838-104
  • Intro Reading and Study Skills (3 credits) 10-838-105 

For course descriptions, summaries and WIDS course files, please see the General College (“thin layer”) section at the WTCS Repository.  The link is at the bottom of this page.

Developmental courses are specifically designed for individuals who, upon seeking admission to a post-secondary program, the institution has determined are substantially deficient in foundation competencies. Foundation competencies are the working knowledge of topics in secondary-level academic subjects that the institution has identified as necessary for success in a post-secondary course or program. Developmental courses also serve individuals who wish to strengthen foundation competencies before applying for admission to a post-secondary program.   Use aid code 77 for Developmental.

Remedial courses are designed for individuals whose deficiencies in foundation competencies are not extensive enough to warrant denying them admission to a post-secondary program. Each remedial course consists of portions of an approved developmental course, selected to efficiently address a specific student’s deficiencies.  Use aid code 78 for Remedial.

For more information re Developmental/Remdeial courses contact Mark Johnson, Education Director