• Associate Degree Programsarrow

    Some of the Wisconsin Technical Colleges offer Fire Associate Degree Programs. Associate Degree Programs offered at the technical colleges include Fire Medic, Fire Protection Technician, Fire Protection Engineering Technology, and Fire Science.

  • Committeesarrow

    These committees contribute to our fire training programs in an ongoing effort to provide the Wisconsin Fire Service community quality training that is current to industry standards. 

  • Contactsarrow

    WTCS Fire Service Training Office Contacts

  • Coursesarrow

    The Wisconsin Technical Colleges offer various Fire Training Courses. Some of the courses offered at the Technical Colleges are Fire Fighter, Driver/Operator, Fire Officer, Fire Inspector and Emergency Services Instructor.

  • Fire Certificationarrow

    The WTCS Fire Service Training (FST) provides third party IFSAC accredited certification according to the most recent, applicable, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards in 5 categories at 10 different levels. Certification requires, after satisfying certain prerequisites, passing the written and practical exams for a given category and level. 

  • Fire Certification Lookup Systemarrow

    The WTCS Fire Service Training office provides this look-up system as a service to firefighters, fire departments, and the general public. The names and certification status of firefighters in the State of Wisconsin can be obtained via this Look-up System.

  • Historyarrow

    On April 26, 1977, the Acting Governor of Wisconsin designated the WTCSB as the agency authorized to establish, coordinate and supervise fire service education and training in Wisconsin.

  • National Fire Academy Coursesarrow

    The National Fire Academy (NFA) courses are co-sponsored by the NFA and state training systems. Each year, the NFA offers each state nine, two-day courses for delivery within their own state. The NFA courses include a wide variety of subjects including fire prevention, public education, company tactical operations, incident command, health and safety, and hazardous materials. Students are offered the opportunity to grow professionally through quality education experience and to increase their knowledge and skills to provide a safe and effective response for their communities.

  • Resourcesarrow

    Find information for fire service related frequently asked questions, National Fire Academy Courses/Deliveries, Fire Service Links, and upcoming events.

  • Technical Collegesarrow

    The WTCS has 16 technical colleges with 47 campuses throughout the state. All 16 technical colleges offer approved fire service training courses. The fire service contacts at the technical colleges can assist you in scheduling training courses or certification testing, and enrolling in fire service training programs.