Diversifying Apprenticeship Opportunities

Bridges to Apprenticeship

While apprenticeship programs hold incredible promise, those who most need these opportunities have historically not had access, both nationally and within Wisconsin. Bridge apprenticeship programs can recruit individuals from diverse backgrounds and provide the necessary supports to help each individual be successful in preparing for apprenticeship opportunities and connecting with employers who offer apprenticeship positions.

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Foster Belonging with Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive teaching practices improve student success metrics and help each student feel welcomed, valued, heard, and supported. While these strategies help all students succeed in their learning, they are especially important for the success of students from minoritized backgrounds and can help close equity gaps in student success.

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Going Open for student success

Open Education

Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching and learning resources (e.g., textbooks, powerpoint slides, activities, assessments, case studies, etc.) that are openly licensed and free to use. These resources can be adopted and used in the classroom as is or modified as needed to best fit the learning outcomes of a course.

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Using data to inform action

Action Research

To inform education practices and policies, the WTCS institutional research team conducts action research projects. An action research project analyzes a specific question (or set of questions) to provide insight that is actionable for improving student success and closing student equity gaps.

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