Data Reporting Manuals

Within these pages, you can find manuals and information for the WTCS Data Systems, which include:

Client Reporting – The Client Reporting System contains the following: information about the students who are enrolled in WTCS courses and programs; information about individuals (clients) served through federally- and state-funded grant programs; veterans information; and, basic education testing data.

Follow-up Survey Systems – These systems include follow-up survey data for graduates (both 6 months and 5 years after graduation), apprentice completers, and employers of WTCS graduates.

Course and Curriculum Approval Data Systems – The WTCS Course and Curriculum Approval Data Systems (collectively “Academic Data Systems”) allow WTCS Colleges to submit courses and curriculum to the WTCS for approval. The Academic Data Systems integrate with other WTCS data systems including the Client Reporting System. These Academic Data Systems ensure courses and curriculum meet WTCS – Office of Instruction business rules. For the policy enforced through the Academic Data Systems, see the Educational System Manual (ESM).

Contracting – The Contract Reporting System contains demographic, course, revenue, and FTE information, along with student counts for all WTCS contracts for services activities authorized under s. 38.14(3), and s. 38.14(12), Wis. Stats.  This system also contains information about the service recipients.

Financial and Administrative Manual – The Financial and Administrative Manual contains fiscal management standards and related reporting requirements.