To learn about the WTCS eGrants system, visit the Apply Portal page.

Within the pages noted below, you can find information regarding the major grant areas that the Wisconsin Technical College System awards funding to and other grant related resources and documents.

Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) – These grants are used to expand educational opportunities for adults and encourages the establishment of programs which assist educationally disadvantaged students.

Perkins – Grants are used to identify and close equity gaps across student groups by improving programs and services leading to academic and occupational skill competencies needed to work in a technologically advanced society.

State Grants – Funds are used to support projects during the program year at the Wisconsin Technical Colleges and other eligible agencies.  The Wisconsin Technical College System, the Legislature and the Governor identify programs as priorities for state support.

Miscellaneous Grants – This is where you can find details and information regarding other grant funding opportunities.

Grant Resources and Forms – This is where you can access informational forms, documents and general resources pertaining to the grants that are administered through the Wisconsin Technical College System.