Action Research

To inform education practices and policies, the WTCS institutional research team conducts action research projects. An action research project analyzes a specific question (or set of questions) to provide insight that is actionable for improving student success and closing student equity gaps. We then share the results through professional learning with WTCS stakeholders so that colleges can take action to improve educational outcomes for all students. Below, you can find our action research cycle that documents our yearly process for gathering and selecting research ideas and then conducting and sharing this work. In addition, you can find the action research briefs, which provide a short summary of each project and key findings.

WTCS action research projects for 2020

  • Assessing the early impacts of Covid-19 throughout the WTCS (anticipated release in Spring 2021)
  • Identifying evidence-based practices for improving Perkins indicator 3P1: student concentration in nontraditional occupations (published, below)
  • Assessing the impact of the WTCS Student Success Center (published, below)


To find published action research projects outside of the WTCS, visit these sources below:

Action Research Cycle

Action Research Briefs