Colleen Larsen

Education Director of Student Success

Work responsibilities:

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
    • Coordinate and support the WTCS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Committee
    • Crafted WTCS System-wide Equity Report (2018)
    • Coordinated and developed system-wide events such as the WTCS Conference on Race and Ethnicity (WISCORE) and Working as One: Exploring Intersectionality and Inclusion in Campus Support
  • Disability Services
    • Coordinate and support the WTCS Disability Services Committee
    • System Liaison to Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities
    • System Liaison to the Wisconsin Community for Transition (WICOT)
  • Veteran Services
    • Coordinate and support the WTCS Veteran Services Committee
    • Member of Military Credit for Prior Learning Work Group
  • Global Education
    • System liaison to the WTCS Global Education Committee
    • Approve instructional areas 140 (Global Education and Services) and 141 (Global Language and Studies)
  • Liaison to WI Bureau of Refugee Programs
    • Member of State Refugee Advisory Committee
    • Coordinator of WTCS Refugee Contacts community of practice.
  • Office for Civil Rights
    • Member of team conducting college reviews for the Office for Civil Rights
  • Perkins V
    • Grant manager for Student Success Grant
    • One of three grant managers for the Capacity Building for Equity and Inclusion Grant

About me:

I came to the WTCS in 2017 with a background in international relations, English language teaching, community development, and global higher education. I have worked with a variety of educational institutions both in the United States and abroad and am passionate about advancing equity and inclusion through holistic community-driven solutions. I work to support college staff across the state in identifying equity gaps, creating strong community relationships, and removing barriers to success for populations that have been minoritized.

B.S. in International Relations at University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.S. in Global Education at University of Wisconsin – Madison