Denise Perkins

Education Specialist for Fire Service

Work Responsibilities

  • Fire Service Testing and Certification
    • Prepare Fire Service Written Examinations
    • Schedule Fire Service Practical Examinations
    • Process Fire Service Certifications
    • Review and process Reciprocity Applications
    • Respond to Student Fire Certification Status Inquiries
    • Respond to Fire Department Inquiries
  • Hazardous Materials Training
    • Wisconsin Emergency Management Training Grant

About Me

I am one-third of the WTCS Fire Education and Training Team.  The “team” administers testing, certification and accreditation for all fire fighters in the state.   We work closely with students, in-state and out-of-state fire fighters, fire chiefs, and members of various fire service organizations near and far.

I work closely with Shari Jacobson and Angela White to support the Fire Service Training and Certification Program within Division of Educational Services at the WTCS Office.