Kathy Loppnow

Education Director of Health Science

Work Responsibilities

  • Education Director – Health Science Programs
    • Provide leadership to 21 System wide curriculum programs and over 60 Health Science programs throughout WTCS colleges
    • Approve new programs, courses and curriculum
    • Provide professional development opportunities and support for Health Science program faculty and deans
    • Grant reviewer for NTO grants
  • Wellness Committee member at our system office
  • Member of Disability Services/Health Science group
  • Advisory committee member for the Public Health Institute (PHI) and Area Health Education Center  (AHEC)
  • Board member for the Wisconsin Long Term Care Alliance and the Health Data Group
  • Participates in Open Education Resources (OER) in Nursing

About Me

I am passionate about our Health Science Programs, including Nursing, Medical Assistants, and Certified Nursing Assistant programs that are offered in all 16 Technical College districts. During the pandemic, I realized how important all of our Health Programs are to the communities they serve. I also care about closing equity gaps in student success so that all students have an equal opportunity.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Nursing from UW Madison.  I have worked at 4 technical colleges as an instructor at Southwest Technical College, Fox Valley Technical College, Madison Area Technical College and I was an Associate Dean at Waukesha Technical College.  I have been the Health Education Director at WTCS for almost 20 years.  I enjoy helping students, faculty, Associate Deans and Deans reach their highest potential,