Michelle Rudman

Administrative Services Coordinator

Work responsibilities:

  • General State Aid
    • Calculate state aid distributions based on cost allocations and outcomes based funding measures.
    • Initiate state aid payments to districts.
  • Tuition and Fees
    • Participate in workgroup discussions related to program fees and student financial aid budgets.
    • Calculate program and material fee rates, responsible beverage server fees, fees set by outside authorities, out of state distance education rates, and tuition remission requests.
    • Provide technical assistance for districts on fee related inquiries.
  • Financial Reporting
    • Monitor GASB standards for financial audits and federal/state regulations for single audits.
    • Review financial and single audit reports submitted by subrecipients (WTCS districts and CBOs).
    • Serve as point of contact for district financial auditors.
    • Consult with Troy Brown and Tou Ya Khang on grant guidelines.
  • UFFAS System Owner
    • Help coordinate district submissions, perform analysis of data, and prepare financial data for System Office publications.
  • Procurement
    • Maintain procurement policies and procedures.
    • Provide technical assistance to purchasing staff at WTCS districts.
    • Conduct district compliance reviews annually.

About me:

I provide oversight of district financial reporting at the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). In addition, I maintain system-wide policies/procedures, provide technical assistance on financial reporting and procurement, and evaluate system-wide financial data.

Certified Public Accountant, 2005

Masters of Public Accountancy at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater 2005