Stephanie Glynn

Education Director of Student Support

Work responsibilities:

  • Coordinate and support various student service groups within the WTCS:
    • Advising Supervisors
    • BIT/CARE Team Coordinators
    • Counseling Supervisors
    • Deans of Students
    • Enrollment Managers
    • NTO Coordinators
    • Registrar Leads
    • Title IX Coordinators
    • Tutoring Services Coordinators
  • Office of Civil Rights
    • Member of Team Conducting college reviews for the Office of Civil Rights
  • Perkins V
    • Grant Manager for Non-Traditional Occupations (NTO) Grant
    • One of three grant managers for the Capacity Building for Equity and Inclusion Grant

About me:

I came to the WTCS team in October 2019, bringing experience in various higher education student service roles, as well as coaching, project management, and team building. I believe that education is a vehicle to opportunity, and I am committed to the advancement of equitable student access and success across the WTCS.