Ben Konruff

Education Director of Performance Analysis & Continuous Improvement

Work responsibilities:

  • Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA) 
    • AEFLA Performance Accountability System Owner
  • Grant Management
    • WTCS Guided Pathways Implementation Project
    • Innovation in Integrated Education and Training
  • Action Research
    • Conduct action research to identify promising practices and areas of continuous improvement within the WTCS
    • Coordinate this work with Hilary Barker
  • Tableau Dashboard Development
    • Coordinate WTCS teams to identify dashboard needs and common student success metrics
    • Design and create data dashboards (e.g., WTCS Program Performance Dashboard)
    • Train staff on the effective use of dashboard data
  • Academic Program Review
    • Coordinate the WTCS Academic Program Review Community of Practice dedicated to strengthening college program review efforts
  • State Approved Ability to Benefit (ATB)
    • State Approved ATB Performance Accountability System Owner

About me:

I began my career in the WTCS at one of the 16 technical colleges in 2011, and came to the WTCS Office in 2015. My work experience in the private sector, K-12 system, and WTCS have shown me the importance of purposeful career pathways that advance the Wisconsin workforce and economic equity for Wisconsin communities. In my role, I support WTCS colleges and Wisconsin Community Based Organizations in fostering an equity-informed culture of evidence that strengthens educational and employment outcomes.

Ph.D. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at University of Wisconsin – Madison (expected 2022)
M.S. in Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis at University of Wisconsin – Madison 
B.B.A. in Economics and Human Resource Management at University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh