Dual Credit Dashboard

The Dual Credit Dashboard was developed as a resource to provide insights to WTCS dual credit access and success. The dashboard was designed in collaboration with the WTCS Career Preparation Coordinators and delivers data to explore dual credit participation, WTCS credentials awarded to high school students, dual credit to postsecondary transitions, and student success outcomes among students who transitioned to a WTCS college with dual credit. College stakeholders are encouraged to routinely review the dashboard data to inform strategic planning, grant initiatives, points of internal and external collaboration, and continuous improvement of programming.

The WTCS Office has created a dashboard training PowerPoint deck that can modified for college coordinated trainings. Dashboard users can view the Dual Credit Dashboard Guide for more information related to the dashboard content. Also, engage a team at your college with the following guided exercise to develop a Dual Credit Dashboard roll-out plan.

Image of the WTCS Dual Credit Dashboard landing page