Certification & Con. Ed. Courses

Entry Level Fire Fighter

Firefighter I

Firefighter II

Aircraft Rescue Firefighter

Entry Level Technical Rescue

Entry Level Driver/Operator Pumper

Driver/Operator Pumper

Entry Level Driver/Operator Aerial

Driver/Operator Aerial

Driver/Operator ARFF

Entry Level Driver/Operator Tender

Entry Level Driver/Operator Tow & Trailer

Hazardous Materials Operations

Hazardous Materials Technician

Fire Inspector I

Fire & Emergency Services Instructor I

Fire & Emergency Services Instructor II

Fire & Emergency Services Instructor III

Fire Officer I

Fire Officer II

Fire Investigator

NOTE:  If a candidate wishes to take a course but does not have the prerequisites and/or does not wish to attempt certification, they may take any of the available courses in any order. This method of progression through the fire service courses is not recommended; however, students may find it necessary to do so to satisfy SPS 330 compliance (certification is not required for SPS compliance).