Follow-up Survey Manuals

Below are the survey manuals, associated change logs and the time table for file submissions for the WTCS follow-up surveys. Please contact Hilary Barker ( for questions regarding these surveys and manuals.

The System publications that are based on the data from these follow-up surveys, can be found on the publications page of the wtcsystem website.

Follow-up Survey Time Table

Follow Up Timetable 2017
PDFUploaded 04/03/2020

Apprenticeship Completers

Employer Follow-up

Employer Satisfaction Users Guide Oct 2017
PDFUploaded 04/03/2020

Graduate Outcomes

Graduate Outcomes Change Log 2021
PDFUploaded 07/01/2021
Graduate Outcomes Users Guide 2021
PDFUploaded 07/01/2021

5-Year Follow-up