Client Reporting System

Districts are asked to submit current year Client Reporting data for the summer session and for the fall semester enrollments on record as of October 15th. This fall submission should be sent to the System Office by November 15.
The Client spring submission window is March 15 – April 15 for enrollments on record as of March 15.
The final end-of-year submission and Client fiscal year file closing is scheduled for September 1.
For more information on other reporting deadlines, please reference the current Administrative Bulletin for Report Dates Subject to Withholding of State or Federal Aids.

FY 2022-23 Client Reporting Manual

Client Change Summary
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FY 2022-23 Client Combined Manual
PDFUploaded 07/11/2022

FY 2021-22 Client Reporting Manual

FY 2021-22 Client Combined Manual
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Historic Change Summary
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Outcomes-Based Funding Criteria

OBF Data Selection Methodology
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WTCS Performance Funding Model
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Client Reporting Code Tables

Client Reporting Forms

Appendix B: Midwest Student Exchange Program
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