Danika Woods

Education Director – Transportation, Distribution and Logistics; Arts, Audio-Visual Technology and Communications

Work Responsibilities

I. Provide instructional leadership and support to WTCS programs in the following Career Clusters:

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Cluster

Arts, Audio-Visual Technology & Communications

  • Animation | Graphic Design | Interior Design | Marketing Communications | Photography | Printing and Publishing | Technical Communications | Telecasting | Visual Communications

II. State General Purpose Revenue (GPR) Grants management:

  • Core Industries GPR Grant, Manager
  • Developing Markets GPR Grant, Reviewer (Grant Manager: Timothy Weir)

III. Educational Services Manual (ESM) management:

IV. Transportation safety council membership – WTCS representation:

V. Traffic Safety (GD MO TS FY) and Motorcycle Rider Course Fees Memoranda:


Danika has worked with the System Office since July 2018. Her background includes training and experience in education, grants management, automotive painting and graphic design. Danika worked in the automotive industry from 2007 to 2015, and in higher education since 2008 in various teaching, instructional support and administrative roles within the Wisconsin Technical College System.

Danika is a proud WTCS graduate of the Madison College Automotive Collision Repair and Refinish program. She also holds a teaching degree in PK-12 Art Education (UW-Madison) and Grants Management Certification.