Policies at 30,000 Feet

This page provides insight into the System Office by serving up short videos or other documentation of some of the more important activities.


New Academic Program Approval

The Wisconsin Technical College System office is tasked with approving new programs to ensure that there is consistent program quality throughout the WTCS programs and that programs meet the needs of employers, students, and expectations of accrediting bodies. Watch the program approval timeline video and the program approval process video for more information.

Timeline for Board Review

Intro to Program Approval

Technical Skill Attainment

The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Technical Skills Attainment (TSA) process is designed to ensure all program students can demonstrate industry-validated technical skills throughout and upon completion of their chosen occupational program of study. Tim Weir is our lead in TSA, and he provides an overview of technical skill attainment in this video.

Technical Skill Attainment

Dual Enrollment

All 16 WTCS Colleges have a program to empower students to be engaged in college courses while in high school.  Many colleges offer multiple dual enrollment or dual credit options. Ann Westrich provides an overview video of state-wide dual enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Overview

Faculty Quality Assurance System

Wisconsin State Statute and Administrative Code establish the minimum hiring and professional development requirements for academic and occupational technical college education personnel. Mandy Johnson and Kristin Long explain the FQAS process in this video.

Faculty Quality Assurance System (FQAS) Overview


Adult Education and Family Literacy Act (AEFLA)

Mark Johnson explains the various facets of AEFLA and how the WTCS fits into WIOA in this video.

AEFLA Overview

Budget Process for WTCS

Brandon Trujillo explains the budget process in this video that occurs every even year.

Budget Process Overview

Funding of Colleges

Michelle Rudman gives a brief overview of the WTCS revenues and funding in this video.

Funding Overview


The Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) Board awards grant funds to WTCS Colleges, Tribal Colleges and Community-based Organizations. The grants are managed by Education Directors within the Educational Services Division and the grant process is managed by Tou Ya Khang and Julie Tyznik. They provide an overview of available grants in this video.

To access a full description of each grant category, navigate to the Grants Page.

Grants Overview


Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

This Federal law protect the privacy of student educational records. For more details on compliance with this law, refer to the Guide For Student Records Confidentiality 2020